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Passerby #1-3 Photo Zines by Paul Treacy

My intention was to wait until I received Passerby #4 and review the photo zines as a quartet, but the spirit of longing for its arrival seems like an ideal time to express my response to #1-3. Paul Treacy’s series, Passerby, had been in my awareness and piqued my curiosity for a while but I procrastinated purchasing them. Then one day, within a fraction of a second, I felt inspired to order all three. What prompted me was a brief video Paul shared that included glimpses of him making Passerby #3. The selling point was when he applied a short strip of masking tape to the zine cover by hand. That detail made me sigh. I know, I know. How else would one apply masking tape? But during these days when I feel mired by the ongoing times of mass manufactured sameness, distancing, and war the qualities of intimacy, sensitivity, and attentiveness become more vitally important to my wellbeing. Paul’s zines landed in my hands at just the right time. High quality paper and printing, along with the zine’s hand sized dimensions, heighten the intimacy of the tactile experience. What a wondrous sensation to open one of these little zines and discover a vast world that is keenly observed. In photo after photo, urban meets nature in a rich series of decisive moments. The photos convey moments that are nuanced, candid, and fleeting. A rhythm of change and constancy energize the photos with a feeling like longing—awareness of moments that are simultaneously here and gone, here and gone. Thanks to Paul’s perceptive skill in making photos and his high level of craft in making books, handfuls of moments are preserved. While awaiting and longing for the arrival of Passerby #4 I am already longing for #5 and #6. I bide my time by continuing to admire the details of #1-#3. The inclusion of Paul’s handwriting is a unique design component that makes these zines feel like treasured gifts from a friend.

To learn more about Paul and his work, visit his website:

1Point4 Miles by Matt Parker

Spacious. Lyrical. Intimate. Those three words best describe my experience of Matt Parker’s recent book, 1Point4 Miles, a limited-edition collection of photographs made during a 1.4 mile walk from his home. The photographs are a mix of natural elements, humanmade structures, and an interplay of both. This visual array creates a blend of tension and ease that feels like an experience of the mind in meditation. A minimalist perspective could evoke feelings of isolation, peace, or both interwoven.  Again, that tension. Albeit subtle, this quality of tension lends an undercurrent of emotion that propel the photographs beyond being a mere record of literal images. A few, brief reflective passages offer clues of an interior landscape, a glimpse of the man behind the lens whose inner terrain meets and intertwines with the land where he walks. Welcome to the world of Matt Parker. Since the photos of this territory are of small scenes, the specific location remains unidentifiable. This quality yields a universal sense of place that will likely feel recognizable to most. The 1.4 mile walk depicted in these pages could be my walk or yours. As a result, 1Point4 Miles creates an experience of community and familiarity. The physical distance and differences between us might be great, but perhaps we are not as far apart as we might think. 

For glimpses that will convey the quality design of 1Point4 Miles, and to learn more about Matt and his work, visit his website. It’s especially lovely, so be prepared to settle in there for a while:

2 thoughts on “Reviews, News, Inspiration, Etc.

  1. Dear Donna. Thank you for a lovely review of my project. It means a great deal to me. As I said to you on Instagram I read it out to my family and they appreciated it very much too. You truly and utterly made my day. You have also given me confidence to continue. I have big plans for this work eventually. Your support is hugely appreciated. – Paul.


    1. Dear Paul,
      It’s my pleasure to try and bring more attention to your work. Writing the review helped deepened my appreciation of your photographs. I look forward to seeing this project grow.


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